Thoughtful last minute gifts for your loved ones this Christmas

Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

Buy a someone a share in an index fund: Buy a family member a share in a total stock market index fund. If possible, do so in a listed ETFs that map to the Environmentally Responsible ESG theme.

Netflix, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime subscription: Pay for someone to have Netflix or Amazon Prime for a couple of months.

Botanicals: Buy a nice low maintenance plant to brighten up their day. If you live in Montreal, check out Plantzy.

Host a party: Instead of giving gifts to a large group of friends, invite them over for a Christmas party that you host.

Take someone out to dinner: Take a friend or family member out to dinner at a reasonably priced restaurant.

Brand new thrift store finds: Visit your local thrift store.  They often have brand new toys, craft kits and more that were donated by local stores.  Buy something new, at a used price.

A Groupon experience: Buy the giftee a certificate for some sort of experience from Groupon. Examples: Massage, salon experience, painting lesson.

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