#MadeinAfrica : UNEP x Consciously Awovi Ditch Disposables

It is day 2 of the challenge and it is all about ditching disposables! No need to worry, doing it is actually easier than you might think!

Check this :

Source: Monash University

Easy right? If not – take time to think of a process that would work for you. I love these tips:

  1. Think about the single-use disposable items you use regularly. For example, how frequently do you buy coffee or lunch?
  2. To start, pick one item you want to swap for a reusable alternative.
  3. Start using your alternative reusable item. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you forget to bring your reusable item. It takes a few attempts to establish a new habit.
  4. There is usually more than one option available for reusable items, such as glass or plastic Cups. Trial a few options, ask friends what they use and find the one that works for you.
  5. Now that you’ve got the hang of using a reusable item why not add another one?

Ditching Disposables In the Bathroom

Yes – you can ditch disposables in the bathroom too!

Few tips:

  • Switch to bamboo toothbrush
  • Use washable face cleaning pads
  • Shampoo Bars
  • Bamboo Cotton Buds
  • Menstrual Cups
  • Bar Soaps

I love this illustration that gives you easy tips to help you with the transition:

Image from Eco Warrior Princess

and also these easy ones by Cindy Mangomini:

Ditching Disposables In The Kitchen

  • Use fabric napkins
  • Carry a (fabric) napkin, spork and reusable coffee cup
  • Buying fruit and vegetables at the local market in (very cute) reusable cotton bags to avoid plastic-wrapped supermarket products.
  • Always choose a non-plastic packaging option for everything I buy. (If there is one.)
  • More tips below:
Zero Waste lifestyle. Tips for kitchen. Set of hand-drawn icons and advice

It is all about a low impact living. It does not need to be perfect but starting is already a great step! I hope these few tips will help you on your journey.

Share your tips in the comments!

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