Overripe This, Overripe That

From ripe bananas, to a soft avocado or apples with “an impact”, all of these products are often thrown away. Fortunately, some markets (or groceries stores) offer baskets of these “faded” fruits and vegetables at unbeatable prices. Overripe fruits and “faded” vegetables may not really look very appetizing, but once they are cooked, you can’t tell the difference! To avoid waste, buy only the batches of products that you can cook or consume quickly.

Photo by Ella Olsson

Overripe Tomatoes

You probably know that “good” tomatoes are firm, heavy for their size and free of blemishes, bruises and cracks. However, there are many ways to use them even when they’ve lost their firmness.

Overripe Tomatoes. Photo by Awovi K.

Try them in a:

Overripe bananas

Personally, I buy a kilo or more of overripe bananas (once a month). At home, I mix them right away, and I bake nutritious banana cakes. I freeze the excess cake, if there is any. In the morning, I just have to toast the slices for a few minutes. It’s organic, it’s good and it’s easy to make!

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric

Recipes of Banana Cakes:

Photo by Flore Westbrook

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